Bike Sharing Gets Schooled In Columbus And Elsewhere

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We know about the bike sharing programs in New York City, Chicago and even Detroit (sort of). Now, bike sharing has come to Columbus, Ohio.


Their program, which is called CoGo, started on Tuesday, with 30 locations around the city. And let's not make jokes about drunken college students riding CoGo bikes, like Nick Bunkley did on Twitter.


The Columbus program is a shared venture between the city and Alta Bike Share, the Godzilla of global bike sharing systems. CoGo is going to have 300 bikes, painted in the gray and red colors of The Ohio State University. (I'll pause now so you can all chant, "Oh, how I hate Ohio State!)

Columbus' mayor, Michael Coleman, believes bike sharing is a way that the city can become more attractive to young professionals, according to the Columbus Dispatch. And while the program is city run, Columbus is right in the middle of a hot trend.


There are more than 30 college campuses that have some form of a bike sharing program. Some are free, while others charge students a membership fee similar to the plans in the big cities.

Experts say bike sharing is perfect for college towns for a couple of reasons. One, it means students don't have to bring their bikes to campus and risk having them stolen, or have to lug them upstairs to their dorm rooms.


Two, every student who rides a bike is one less student driving a car, and trying to find a parking space. That potentially means campuses can use parking lots for something else, like building big buildings on them that can be named after alumni.

All kidding aside, the bike sharing in college towns craze puts two wheels more readily in the hands of people who are facing thousands of dollars in student debt. And, except in the winter, it probably helps them get across campus faster than they might on a bus.


Are you using a bike sharing program on your campus? If you live in Columbus, will you use the new CoGo?

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