Columbus Doesn't Want To Be Called A College Town

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Well, we sure touched a nerve this week with our innocuous story on bike sharing coming to Columbus, Ohio. It seems Buckeyes don't think of their city as just a college town, and they gave me an earful on Twitter.


You can read my Columbus tale at Forbes, including the time I was shunned when I visited Ohio State country.

The points that Columbus tweeters made were these:

  • Columbus is big, almost 800,000 people in the city alone, and 1.72 million people in the metro area.
  • The bike sharing program is for townies, not for students, and should be thought of as the central Ohio equivalent of Citi Bikes and Bixi, instead of something aimed at the college crowd.
  • Columbus considers itself something more than the home to a university whose president retired after he insulted Catholics and Notre Dame. That's despite the fact that Palo Alto, Cambridge, Madison, and even Boston don't have problems with being known for their universities.

Take a read and tell me how, and what, you think of Columbus.

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