Give Us A Week's Worth Of How You Get Around

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On Sunday, the Curbing Cars web site will kick off My Transportation Diary, a feature that's tracking how people get around. Want to take part?


You can email us at, and send any pictures or video that you want to share. We'd like your real name and city and the real names of any folks you mention in your email.

Or, you can post below. In that case, we'll use your Jalopnik screen name if you don't want to give us your real name. Some of you have already posted your diaries, and it's been fun to read how different everyone's experience is.


Some things to include:

  • If you commute to work or school, how far is it from home to office or campus?
  • An estimate how much you spent, and include everything: gas, parking, tolls, fares. If you used bike sharing or car sharing, what was that expense?
  • Did you mix it up — use your car a few days, take the bus the rest? Could you walk anywhere?
  • For fellow telecommuters, how much did you use a car or another form of transportation? Did you have any meetings via Skype or online so you could avoid driving somewhere?
  • If you only drove, was that by choice or necessity? Did you have the option to use other types of transportation?

Thanks. We'll be fascinated to hear what you have to say.

The photo comes from author Michael Beschloss' Twitter feed. It's New York's Columbus Circle, looking north. If you love historic pictures, follow him.

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