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The Curbing Cars Kickstarter made its goal Friday night! Now, our project is kicking off a new feature called My Transportation Diary.


During the coming week, we'd like you to keep track of how you use transportation. What's the main way you get around? Did you use something other than your regular mode of transportation?

For instance, if you normally drive, did you walk somewhere? Or if you're nearly always on your bike, did somebody give you a lift? Did you take the bus one day and drive the other four?


Keep a diary this week and add everything up next weekend. You're welcome to take video and photos, too. You can respond to Or, I'll put up a fresh post next weekend if you want to put your responses here.

We'll feature the best stories on the Curbing Cars Web site as well as here on Kinja.


Thanks again to the Jalops who pledged to our Kickstarter. You have until midnight Monday to pledge and enter the contest for the autographed Lutz/Eaton Prowler photo from the 1997 Detroit auto show. Remember the contest is for the Jalops who pledge to the Kickstarter.

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