Move over, Elon Musk. For now, Detroit โ€” the city โ€” is in the news because of its Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

There are going to be a lot of big developments because of the bankruptcy case. And there are also two paths that the city needs to take. One is to clean up its mess. The other is to make the city something for both its residents and for visitors. You can't take go down one path without going down another.

That's just for the city. But what about Detroit, the automakers? In a way, the issues facing Detroit are the least of its problems. There's another sea change going on among consumers, and not just car buyers. Everybody.

Here on Curbing Cars, we're going to look at all the things that are facing the future of Detroit, from the outside. You Jalops know me from writing The Morning Shift and also from all the stories I've done for The New York Times and lately, Forbes.

Alternatives like bike sharing, such as the Divvy Bikes in Chicago, the Citi Bikes in New York and the ones you've been able to rent for years in Paris and London. Car sharing (where you rent through ZipCar) and ride sharing, those apps that send a black car or a taxi or even just somebody with a car to where you are.


We're looking at all the new transit projects, too. It's unbelievable how many places are adding streetcars. There are new light rail projects and dedicated buses and yes, tons of talk about fast trains.

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But most of all we want to give you information. Rick Meier, who's working with me as research director, is coming up with some fantastic statistics on all those programs around North America. We'll be posting all that stuff here.

Let us know if you spot something and let's talk about what all this means.